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Post  Graham on Thu Dec 10 2009, 14:55

The role of the 4 boxes

Inbox: This is where you find the messages the members sent you. When the maximum storage is reached, the oldest one will be dropped automatically. You have the option to either save a message or to delete it.

Sentbox: This contains the messages that you sent to another member and that the recipient has read already.

Outbox: This contains all pm's that you have sent already, but that have not been read yet. A message in the outbox is already sent, it just waits to be read by the recipient. Once read, the message goes to the Sentbox. So you can exactly say, which messages have been noted already and which haven't.

Savebox: The box where important messages can be saved. For that, select a message in any other box by ticking the checkbox and click on "Save Selected". Those pm's will be moved here if you have space left.

You Need 1 Posts or more to use this Feature.

Thanks Graham

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