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Bogus Accounts.

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Bogus Accounts. Empty Bogus Accounts.

Post  ford100e.com Tue Mar 09 2010, 09:09

Bogus Accounts

Due to the threat from a banned member wanting to Hack our board i am yet again forced to add more rules,

I am going though the member list at the moment and have found one or two anomalies
that i am addressing so.

Anyone found to have a bogus account,or more then one account using bogus or other email address's/ip address's or account sharing will have their membership to the site deleted and they will be blocked from viewing the site this will happen without warning and without explanation to you the user.

This also goes for anyone found to be threatening the smooth running of the site and its members

you have been warned so if your not happy with this place then you are free to use a site elsewhere as we don't this sort of thing going on

site owner.

Bogus Accounts. 17071610

Site Owner


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