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Internet Bots

Post  Graham on Fri Dec 11 2009, 08:10

An Internet Bot is a software application that does repetitive and automated tasks in the internet that would otherwise take humans a long time to do. The most common internet bots are the spider bots which are used for web server analyses and file data gathering. Bots are also used to provide the required higher response rate for some online services like online auctions and online gaming.

Web interface programs like instant messaging and internet chat relay applications can also be used by internet bots to provide automated responses to customers. These internet bots can be used to give weather updates, currency exchange rates, sports results, telephone numbers, etc. Examples are Jabberwacky of Yahoo Messenger or SmarterChild by AOL instant messenger. Moreover, Bots may be used as censors in chat rooms and forums.

Today, bots are used in even more applications and are even available for home and business use. These new bots are based on a code called LAB code which uses the Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language. Some sites like Lots-A-Bots and RunABot offer these types of services where one can send automated IMs, emails, replies, etc.

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